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With the ever increasing ability to be anywhere and everywhere else, now remains an elusive destination. Reconciling the past with the future, JayVe Montgomery’s work is time traveling to the pre(-)sent, the gift of now. His work reveals his adherence to improvisation and chance as a way to explore evolutionary learning, dreams, democratic polylogue and unintended subjective meaning through randomized being.

epigenetic tendency

towards (to waves)

exploring being relative

to someone who has listened to,


the sounds at the bottom of a

slave ship

and rewarded in this afterlife by

being purchased for animal

husbandry and other common tasks

of human livestock...

Featured Work          

Switched On Ra

Bitchin Bajas invited me to perform Electronic Wind Instrument for their “Switch On Ra” project. Despite what the New York Times says, I only play EWI, not vocals- that was Bajas magic. Thanks to Cooper, Dan, and Rob for having me!

The Top Outgrowing The Bottom

Katuktu Collective asked me to present some sounds for their digital-only imprint A RED THREAD, which aims to raise money directly for social justice organization via sound sales. Read all about my take on Epinasty as it pertains to our demographically stratified society and let’s raise some grassroots-funded reparations for Nashville’s Gideon’s Army.

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