Lake Black Town is a compostional research project funded by a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts, awarded to JayVe Montgomery along with but not limited to collaborators Li Harris, and Ben LaMar Gay.

We will deeply listen to the liminal spaces and stories surrounding “drowned towns”. By using creative field recording techniques to listen to the water, soil, flora and fauna of recreation, racism, and hydroelectric progress built atop flooded American dreams we will construct a modular composition of soundscape storytelling. This is a practice of the modalities of Deep Listening and Great Black Music. This is the sound of remembering.

We will present the work in progress to communities near Kentucky Lake, KY; Lake Marion, SC; Lake Norman, Lake James, Belews Lake, NC; Lake Martin, AL; and Lake Lanier, GA when welcomed to do so. Ultimately Nashville and Chicago will see larger multichannel performances of the work and a studio recording.

The above video space will stay populated with a playlist of videos documenting the collection of these sounds. Thank you for your ears. 

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Outer Music City